Clean and Repair

Filter Services can, in some cases, clean and repair used filter bags in order to extend their service life especially the high temperature Nomex (Aramid) type.

Filter Services offers a cleaning and repair service for certain types of Filter Bags. The bags made to fit Fluid Bed Dryers and Particle Granulators are complex and expensive. In time the multi-leg bags can suffer from minor damage that can be repaired at a cost much lower than the cost of a new bag. We can clean and repair these products whether by patching small holes or by replacing full legs or skirts when the need requires. Filter Services carries a wide range of fabrics including most fabrics used by the original equipment manufacturers.


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We have the capability to handle a comprehensive range of filter bags including volume requirements as well as the flexibility to manufacture one-offs. Our standards ensure that the finished product is produced in accordance with our Quality Control manual.

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