Contract Maintenance & Fitting Service

Filter Services can offer its customers on-site contract maintenance on all dust extraction equipment.  As part of this service the company’s team of skilled service engineers offer a full fitting service for the replacement of filter bags. Besides the replacement of the filter bags, Filter Services can maintain and supply replacement parts for the pneumatic and mechanical parts of the filter unit. Door Seals, Bellows, Valves, Actuators and all other parts can be supplied and fitted.

Filter Services has been servicing filter units for over thirty years. Our job is to help you, the customer have an efficient and safe dust and fume extraction system. Our engineers and fitters are available for the following work.

  • Bag removal and replacement
  • Filter Unit Performance Evaluation
  • Dust and Filter Media analysis
  • Problem Solving and Technical Support
  • Power consumption calculations
  • Repairs, Pneumatic, Electrical and Mechanical
  • Preventative Inspection and Maintenance
  • Emission Testing
  • Testing for Leaks with Flourescent Dyes
  • Training
  • Air Flow and Pressure Drop Measurement
  • Fast Response

quoteBecause of the working conditions prevailing when changing filters, the standard of installation by untrained personnel can often lead to an unsatisfactory service life, possible health hazards and the need for continual maintenance.  Our engineers are very aware of these problems and how to overcome them so all our workmanship is guaranteed.

Jon Moore, Contracts Manager


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Contract Maintenance Fitting Service
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We have the capability to handle a comprehensive range of filter bags including volume requirements as well as the flexibility to manufacture one-offs. Our standards ensure that the finished product is produced in accordance with our Quality Control manual.

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