LEV Testing (Local Exhaust Ventilation)

Filter Services Engineers are trained and proficient in LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) examination and LEV testing.

LEV systems are intended to collect air that contains contaminants, remove the air from where people are working, clean the air if necessary and allow the contaminants to be disposed of safely. Therefore each Local Exhaust Ventilation system should have a hood to collect the contaminated air, ducting to carry the air, filters to clean the air, a fan to move the air and a discharge to exhaust the air.

Local Exhaust Ventilation systems require examination and LEV testing to ensure that the equipment is working correctly. Moving parts should be checked for wear that can degrade performance. Non moving parts should be checked for structural integrity and damage. Parts that deteriorate  with use such as filters and flexible hoses and ducting should be working as originally intended. Some items have a fixed life and need regular replacement to ensure that performance is to the original design parameters.

There is a legal requirement for most Local Exhaust Ventilation systems to be examined and tested annually (14 months maximum). COSHH Regulations require critical systems should be tested more often. This work has to be done by a competent person. Filter Services Engineers have been awarded Proficiency Certificates confirming that they meet this requirement. If you require your LEV testing, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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