Envelope Filter Bags

Overview of Envelope Filter Bags

Filter Services supplies envelope filter bags for a wide range of dust collector systems across a variety of industries. We have manufactured bags for many dust collector systems including Airmaster, Bellows, DCE, Envirotech, Heaton Green, Intensiv, JKF, Mikropul and Sinclair. Our experienced team of production staff and engineers are on hand on advise on the best designs and polymers to suit the needs of your process.

Our envelope filter bags are designed to optimise air flow through the filtration area to maximise process output. The rectangular design is effective in dislodging dust to ensure complete cleaning and increase bag lifespan. The open end can be finished with either a felt sealing ring or a sponge rubber cord in the hem to suit your machine.

Filter Services stock a number of different felts with varying air permeability, finishes and weights. We can manufacture envelope filter bags from polyester or other heat resistant fibres. Our different finishes including glazes, antistatic and liquid repellent promote better cleaning, increase bag life and reduce maintenance costs. Please visit the ‘Technical Information’ section for more details on polymer suitability for your process and information on our finishes.

We currently manufacture bags for the following dust collectors:

Cages with envelope filter bags
Envelope Filter Bags
  • Airmaster RJX
  • Airmaster MJX
  • AAF International
  • Aagaard Aeronca
  • AB Dust Control
  • Azo Ambuco
  • Bellows
  • Bielomatik
  • Bulher
  • Carlo Modena
  • Camfil
  • Carter Environmental
  • Cibel Craybourne
  • Dallow Lambert
  • DCE Dalamatic
  • Disab
  • Duscovent
  • Enviflo
  • Enviotech
  • Fercell
  • Finrose
  • Gaf
  • Genervet
  • Gietrat
  • Guyson
  • Harris
  • Hauni
  • Heaton Green
  • Henry Simon
  • Hivent
  • Hodge Clemco
  • Holzher
  • Ibis
  • Indusvent
  • Intensiv
  • JKF
  • Jenco
  • Jesma
  • KEK
  • Luhr Filters
  • Lynx
  • Mardon Engineering
  • Marini
  • Mikropul
  • Moldow
  • Mollart Gundrill
  • Molyneux
  • Moretto
  • Munkebo
  • Nailsea
  • Nederman
  • NEU
  • Provenair
  • Renvac
  • Sangre
  • Shotblast
  • Simateck
  • Sinclair
  • Tilghman
  • Torit Vac
  • U Max Vac
  • U Blast Waeschle

All of our envelope filter bags are manufactured to ISO 9001: 2008 quality standards. All of our felts used for pharmaceutical and food applications meet with US FDA and EU standard requirements.

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We have the capability to handle a comprehensive range of filter bags including volume requirements as well as the flexibility to manufacture one-offs. Our standards ensure that the finished product is produced in accordance with our Quality Control manual.

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